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An example BiOptic

Above: 3.0 x DVI Galilean monocular BiOptic

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Low Vision Specialists

Dr. Jan E Lovie-Kitchin, School of Optometry, Queensland University of Technology. Tel: +61-7-3864 5703


Alan W. Johnston, OD, PhD, FAAO  Alan Johnston Vision Consulting, and Optometry practice: Highton Eyecare, 87 Barrabool Road, Highton, Vic 3216  Australia Tel Int + 613 5243 5600, Fax Int + 613 5244 0443


Dr Peter Herse, Optometry and Vision Science, University of new South Wales.  tel: +61 2 9385 7916


Useful links/bookmarks

To see a MS PowerPoint presentation given by Dr. Dennis Kelleher on factors concerning driving with a BiOptic Telescopic System, click here. [60 Kb]

See a video clip of a BiOptic driver. 

This clip is taken from "Hope In Sight: Living With Macular Degeneration" produced by the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, MA under NEI grant R43 EY12443.  The driver is a patient of Dr. Peli using a DVI 4.0X expanded field telescope

To see the video clip in mpg format, for Windows Media Player, click here (4.72 Mb).  To see it in mov format, for Quick Time 5, click here (4.72 Mb).

State wise Visual Acuity Requirements in Australia.  Click here.


 In Australia...

Who are we, and what is BiOptic driving?  

Currently in Australia there is no policy on the use of BiOptics for driving. To obtain a license corrected Visual acuity of 6/12 is required. This is stated in the AustRoads publication 'Assessing Fitness to Drive'. [* PDF format 404 kb]  Under certain conditions if a person cannot satisfy the requirements set out in the Austroads publication then a recommendation from a Medical professional may be considered.  State wise Visual Acuity Requirements in Australia.  Click here.

There is little awareness among the professional bodies regarding the use of BiOptics. BiOptics could help people with low vision in other areas besides driving, They are especially useful for students in class rooms or professionals at office presentations.

We are currently working to spread awareness on the use of BiOptics. Once people are aware of its advantages we can then try and get a policy formed to allow driving with BiOptics.

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New Release


See video clip (1.30 Mb) 128 k download.


56 k download (490 k)


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Driving With Confidence - A practical guide to driving with low vision, by Dr Eli Peli [ & Doron Peli  [Dr Eli Peli is also a member of our informal academic group]
ISBN 981-02-4704-4 

ISBN 981-02-4705-2 [pbk] 


Now available in Australia, e-mail Ryan
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